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Why Get A Prenuptial Agreement In Texas?

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Some people in the Lone Star state might see the signing of a prenuptial agreement as unromantic, but Texas family law attorneys say that such a contract is a smart way to protect your finances during and after a marriage.

If you're thinking that prenuptial agreements are not traditional, think again! The Economic Times states that prenuptial agreements have been in existence in Europe and Far Eastern countries for thousands of years in some form or another. Prenups used to be most common in royal or rich families in order to protect their wealth and assets.

Yet prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy in our modern day society. In addition to protecting one party's assets, FindLaw states that a prenuptial agreement can determine how property will be passed upon death and can clarify financial rights and responsibilities during a marriage. Most importantly, establishing a contract before entering a marriage can prevent long and costly disputes in the case of a divorce.

The Economic Times reported that more and more couples are choosing to sign prenuptial agreements over time, where 20-25 percent of couples recently said that a prenup is a ticket to marital bliss in a survey. Couples may also want to consider signing a postnuptial agreement if they're already married or a cohabitation agreement if they're living together before getting married. In the state of Texas, there are Houston family law attorneys that draft such marital agreements. To find a lawyer in your area, see FindLaw's Houston Family Law Attorney Directory.

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