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Jamie McCourt Entitled To Equal Ownership Of Dodgers

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It seems that the lengthy divorce case between Frank and Jamie McCourt is close to ending. Los Angeles Judge Scott Gordon ruled yesterday that Jamie McCourt is entitled to half of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team as part of her divorce from her ex-husband Frank McCourt, according to Yahoo! sports. Attorneys representing team owner Frank McCourt tried to argue that a marital agreement excluded the Dodgers team from the couple's community property, but the judge's ruling shows that Frank McCourt was ultimately defeated in this property division battle.

Frank McCourt tried to argue that he was entitled to sole ownership of the Dodgers because he bought the team with a company that he had formed before he was married. In community property states like California or Texas, community property usually only applies to property that was accumulated during the marriage.

Many fans of the Dodgers are now questioning what exactly will happen to the team. Will the divorced couple still work together as business partners? Will one McCourt buy the other person out? Will the McCourts sell the team and split the proceeds? The latest rumors say that Jamie McCourt is trying to buy out her ex's half.

When it comes to property division in a divorce case, it's best to get legal experts involved. The city of Houston is home to some of the most skilled family law attorneys in the country. We reported in an earlier blog post that Frank McCourt even recruited a Houston family law attorney to work on his case in Los Angeles. See FindLaw's directory for a list of Texas family law attorneys in the area.

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