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Fraudulent Divorce Filing Leads To Lawsuit

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A woman from Harris County filed for a divorce from her husband George J. Prappas, but was surprised when she found out that she was no longer married.

The Southeast Texas Record reported that the wife Noelia Ayala Sunesara found out through her Texas family lawyer that her husband had already filed a divorce petition in January 2003. The attorney Scott P. Ogle discovered the already filed divorce petition when filing for the divorce on behalf of Noelia Ayala Sunesara.

The woman claims that somebody other than her signed her name to the divorce document filed in Jefferson County District Court. Hence, the dissolution of marriage was finalized years ago without Noelia Ayala Sunesara's realization. In a lawsuit, which was filed last month, the woman is now alleging fraud and breach of contract against her ex-husband.

Through the lawsuit, the woman is seeking actual damages, injunctive relief, pre- and post-judgment interest, costs, attorney's fees and other relief the court deems just. Obviously, there could be serious consequences for committing fraud on a dissolution of marriage form.

Noelia Ayala Sunesara's case shows the importance of following the proper divorce procedures in the state of Texas. Not only is it illegal to forge a spouse's signature in order to get a divorce in the state, but a petition with a fraudulent signature cannot be upheld in court. The person that committed the fraudulent act can also get hit with an expensive lawsuit. More information on the divorce process and divorce procedures can be found through our Related Resources pages or by speaking with Texas family law attorneys.

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