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Does Divorce Affect Our Economy?

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A 2002 study called "Does Marital History Matter? Marital Status and Wealth Outcomes Among Preretirement Adults" suggested that high divorce rates can have a negative impact on the economy. The Huffington Post reports that the study cites court costs, welfare, food stamps, public housing and increased bankruptcy as factors that are associated with divorce. These factors are known to have a strong effect on the country's economic climate.

Yet some experts might argue that the issue of divorce affecting our economy isn't as straightforward as the study makes it out to be. It could be a coincidence that our country is cycling through a tough economy at a time where divorce rates are at their highest. MSNBC reports that many distressed couples are actually choosing to put off their divorce in such tough economic times because the cost of divorce is expensive.

It's true that divorcing in Texas can be expensive, but dissolving a marriage is usually only costly if the spouses are in disagreement on issues of property division, child support, child custody, or other terms. The Harris County District Clerk's Office states that the filing fee for a divorce with no children is $235 or $233 if you would like to exclude the $2 certified copy judgment fee.

It's a good idea to consult with a Houston family law attorney before proceeding with a divorce in Harris County. Some Texas family law attorneys in the Houston area will offer free consultations for divorce cases. To find an attorney, see FindLaw's Houston family law attorney directory.

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