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Greg Abbott's Child Support Division Receives Award

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Did you know that for the past three years the state of Texas has ranked number one in the nation for the total amount of child support that it collects? Perhaps this is why Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Child Support Division was given the “Outstanding Program” award from the Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council (WICSEC) last week.

The Cherokeean Herald reports that each year WICSEC recognizes a state, regional, county or tribal child support program with the Outstanding Program award. The award is supposed to honor a particular program that carries oust effective child support enforcement.

Apparently, child support collections in the state of Texas grew by 4.4 percent from 2008 to 2009, while the national average of child support collections declined by four percent during this time period. Greg Abbott has been known for heavily cracking down on child support evaders and has had the Child Support Division conduct sweeps across the state to roundup deadbeat parents.

Even with a child support order is in place, it could sometimes be difficult for custodial parents in Houston to get the child support money that is owed to them. When the non-custodial parent is delinquent on child support, the custodial parent can contact the district attorney’s office or a Houston family law attorney to learn about what action should be taken to ensure that a child support order is enforced. More information on child support enforcement can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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