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Grandmother Hands Children Over to Harris County Authorities

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We reported in an earlier blog post that 23-year-old Abraham Fernandez of Houston was arrested after allegedly kidnapping his own two children from their mother's home in Anaheim, CA. The whereabouts of the father's two children were unknown at the time of his arrest in Texas, however the Orange County Register recently reported that the children were recently handed over to authorities after the grandmother of the children took the kids to a court facility earlier this week.

Now, not only is Abraham Fernandez facing criminal charges for allegedly abducting the children, but the grandmother, Elizabeth Fernandez, was also arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. She's now being held by the Harris County Sheriff's Department on $1 million bail while the two-year-old and four-year-old boys remain in the custody of Harris County social services. The boys' grandfather, Louis Fernandez, is also being sought by authorities.

The Orange County Register reports that there is no record of a child custody agreement between Abraham Fernandez and Azucena Quinones, who is the mother of the two children. The father might not be convicted of abduction or kidnapping without such an agreement in place. It's possible that a Houston family law attorney can get involved in the case and get a child custody and visitation agreement between the couple. Even with no current custody agreement in place, the father currently does face two felony counts of kidnapping and two felony counts of child abduction over the incident. He faces a maximum of nine years in prison if convicted of all counts.

Child custody is an issue that affects a lot of families in the Houston area. However, parents should not take the law into their own hands. If you have questions about child custody, speaking to a Houston family law attorney can help.

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