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More Couples Saying "I Do" to Prenuptial Agreements

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Reuters reports that prenuptial agreements are no longer just for the rich and famous. A poll conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) shows that nearly three quarters of the group's attorneys reported an increase in prenups over the past five years, particularly an increase among women seeking prenup.

Many people might not realize that prenuptial agreements are not only meant to define how assets are to be divided in the case of a divorce. Such an agreement can also provide rules on who gets a family pet in the case of a divorce or what happens if adultery is committed in the marriage. Prenups can even protect a spouse from debt so that he or she isn't responsible for the debt that their partner accumulated before the marriage.

Why are more women demanding that their husbands-to-be sign a prenuptial agreement? Reuters states that this recent trend stems from women now earning higher salaries than they used to. Hence, women who are about to be wed are taking more control over their finances.

When it comes to drafting a prenuptial agreement, couples will typically get Texas family law attorneys involved in order to ensure that such an agreement would be considered valid in the case of a divorce. FindLaw states that prenups must be clear, understandable, and justifiable in the eyes of the law in order for an agreement to be upheld. The prenuptial agreement must also meet certain requirements of the state of Texas in order for the contract to be valid.

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