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Maria Del Pilar Rivera Files For Divorce; Claims HIV Exposure By Roberto Alomar

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The wife of the former baseball star Roberto Alomar claims that her husband "intentionally, with corrupt intent, concealed from [her] his physical condition" in order to get her to have unprotected sex with him. The wife, Maria Del Pilar Rivera, said through court documents that this was her reasoning for filing for divorce.

According to the New York Post, Maria Del Pilar Rivera is claiming that her husband outright lied to her and said that he tested negatively for sexually transmitted diseases. She also claims that Roberto Alomar knew prior to their first sexual contact that he was HIV positive. It was only after their wedding that she says she learned of him having the sexually transmitted disease. In filings, Maria Del Pilar Rivera also claimed this she wouldn't have agreed to marry Roberto Alomar if "she had known his true physical condition."

A similar lawsuit was brought against Roberto Alomar last year by a former girlfriend, but Maria Del Pilar Rivera defended her then boyfriend and said that the suit was a "vile lie."

Concealment of a disease is actually grounds for annulment, according to FindLaw. So, it could be easier for the wife of Roberto Alomar to simply get her marriage annulled rather than get a divorce. However, alimony cannot be awarded when there's an annulment and there are often provisions when it comes to property division. The divorce case was already filed in Florida, which is a state that reportedly only has a waiting period of 20 days from the time the petition was filed. Perhaps the divorce process will be a quick one for the couple.

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