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Abraham Fernandez Arrested in Child Abduction Case

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If you're looking to change a child custody or visitation agreement, it's best to speak with a Houston family law attorney and not abduct a child from the other parent. A recent case in Harris County shows just how severe the consequences can be for kidnapping your own child.

Associated Press reports that Texas authorities arrested 23-year-old Abraham Fernandez of Houston for allegedly kidnapping his two sons from their mother's home in Anaheim, CA. Prosecutors have charged the Houston father with two felony counts of kidnapping and two felony counts of child abduction. Abraham Fernandez could be sentenced to a maximum of nine years in prison if convicted of the criminal charges.

Yet perhaps what's most worrisome in this child abduction case is that the whereabouts of Abraham Fernandez's children are still unknown. Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Department suspect that the two young boys are now with their grandfather, Abraham Fernandez's father. The grandfather Louis Mendoza Fernandez now has a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly helping his son flee with the two children.

As of Wednesday, Abraham Fernandez was being held at the Harris County Jail on $1 million bail. Even if a parent has good intentions when violating a court order to take a child away from the other parent, the abduction is still illegal under Texas law. Any parent that fears their children will be abducted by the other parent should call local authorities to learn how such a situation can be prevented.

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