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Woman Claims to Be Daughter of Michael Jackson

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A woman from the Netherlands claims that she is the daughter of Michael Jackson and is asking Los Angeles courts to reconsider her case that requests custody of the King of Pop's children and a portion of his estate.

The Money Times reports that Mocienne Petit Jackson claims that she is the love child of Michael Jackson and Barbara Ross, the sister of Diana Ross. The 34-year-old woman claims that their fling occurred in 1975, when Michael Jackson was only 17-years-old. Yet Barbara Ross insists that she has never had an affair with the Pop legend.

Mocienne Petit Jackson reportedly filed a claim in Los Angeles Superior Court last July, asking a judge for permission to conduct a DNA test so that paternity can be established. Yet on September 7, a judge dismissed the case. The woman has since filed a motion to have her case reconsidered.

It's not very common for a child to bring up a paternity claim, as it's usually the alleged mother that needs paternity established for legal procedures. However, adult children will sometimes want paternity established in cases like this, where the child could be entitled to a portion of an estate.

In the state of Texas as well as most other U.S states, establishing paternity can be a complicated legal process. However, there are Texas family law attorneys that can provide help and representation with a paternity claim. To find listings of local attorneys, see FindLaw's lawyer directory.

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