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Weird Marriage Laws: Who Can Officiate Your Wedding?

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Woman's Day recently reported on 10 obscure marriage laws that exist in the United States, including laws dealing with marriage customs, divorce, or rules that are simply outdated. For example, the state of Kentucky has a law that says you can't marry the same spouse more than three times while the city of Hartford, Connecticut states that a man cannot kiss his wife on Sundays.

Many Houstonians will cross the Texas/Louisiana border to get married in the exciting city of New Orleans. With a marriage ceremony, many couples choose to get married by a religious figure or judge. Some people in various U.S. states may even ask a friend or family member to become certified by an ordination so that he or she can perform a wedding ceremony. But not just anybody can perform a wedding ceremony in New Orleans.

According to Woman's Day, New Orleans has a law that makes it illegal for palm readers, fortune tellers, or other mystics to officiate a wedding. Other websites such as report that the state of Louisiana requires ministers or religious figures to register with the clerk of the district court of the parish or with the health department in New Orleans in order for the marriage to be legally performed.

Planning a wedding can be difficult, but there are Texas family law attorneys that can help people in Houston make sure that all the legal requirements of marriage are met. A Houston family law attorney can also help couples draft a prenuptial agreement before getting married so that each party can have his or her property and assets protected.

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