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Stanley Boone Kills Wife After Divorce

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A Texas man who was angry about his divorce settlement went as far as to kill his ex-wife, the Houston Chronicle reports. The couple's son then got revenge and allegedly shot his 70-year-old father, once he saw his father kill his mother.

Investigators from the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office say that the couple's ongoing divorce battle was a factor in their deaths. Stanley Boone reportedly brought divorce proceedings against his wife Karla Boone in July 2009 after more than 30 years of marriage. But last month, a judge ordered that Karla Boone was to have exclusive use of their home in Manvel. The judge also issued a restraining order prohibiting the couple from contacting, or threatening to harm each other.

Yet the Houston Chronicle reports that the restraining order apparently didn't stop Stanley Boone from allegedly killing his ex-spouse. The man allegedly shot his estranged wife to death, but their son fired back and killed Stanley Boone after he saw his mother die. So far, no criminal charges have been filed against the son.

It's common for there to be tension in the process of a divorce, but killing your former spouse is a very extreme way of taking out rage. In order to resolve conflicts when it comes to property division, a Houston family law attorney can help by providing guidance on the distribution of community property as well as provide legal representation. Listings of local attorneys can be found through FindLaw's directory.

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