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New York Governor Signs Gay Adoption Bill

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Gay couples across the country are slowly starting to gain more rights. This week, New York Governor David Paterson signed an adoption bill that allows gay and lesbian couples to jointly adopt a child in the state of New York. The new law also changes the language in the state's adoption statute from "husband and wife" to the gender-neutral term "married couple," according to On Top Magazine.

Gay marriage is still not legal in the state of New York, but legal marriages between same-sex couples are still recognized in the state. Granting adoption rights to same-sex couples in the state may encourage other U.S. states to pass similar measures. Some states currently limit or even outright ban gay couples from adopting.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, LGBT individuals in Texas can currently petition to adopt a child. However, the law in Texas does not yet specify if same-sex couples can jointly petition for adoption. With the recent passage of the New York adoption law, activists based in New York are expected to roll out an aggressive campaign to push for marriage equality. And while Texas is known to be a conservative state when it comes to gay rights, the activism could soon start heading to the Lone Star State.

Gay couples looking to adopt a child in the state of Texas should contact a Houston family law attorney to learn more about what rights they do have in the state. More information on adoption laws can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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