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Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Sentenced for Failing to Pay Child Support

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ABC News calls Howard Veal the "biggest deadbeat dad in America." The Michigan man has fathered 23 children with 14 different woman and has accumulated $533,000 in debt over child support payments.

Howard Veal was recently sentenced to up to four years in jail for failing to pay child support. While the guidelines in Michigan call for no more than six months in jail for failure to pay child support, the judge said that he deviated from such guidelines for substantial and compelling reasons.

"You are the poster child for irresponsibility," Kent County Judge Dennis Leiber said, as stated in ABC News. "You're an insult to every responsible father who sacrifices to provide for their children."

Yet Howard Veal says that he has been out of work and that he pays what he can to his children. The unemployment rate reportedly tops 13 percent in Michigan and a tough sentence will likely do little to help the situation. Or will it?

Perhaps the case of Howard Veal will show the country just how tough the penalties are for failure to pay child support. In Texas, the Office of the Attorney General imposes harsh consequences for those that don't pay child support. Thousands of non-custodial parents in Texas were jailed last year for not paying child support.

Single parents that are seeking financial assistance from the non-custodial parent can contact a Houston family law attorney to learn about that the legal procedures of receiving child support. Non-custodial parents that are delinquent on child support can also contact an attorney to learn more about modifying an already existing child support agreement.

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