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Lufkin Man Arrested for Bigamy

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Bigamy is not just another petty offense in the state of Texas. Having multiple spouses is actually a felony crime, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The Lufkin Daily News reports that one 21-year-old man could be learning the consequences of bigamy the hard way. Justin Wayne Mitchamore, of Lufkin, reportedly married in March 2008 in Kansas, but separated from his wife after just three weeks of marriage. The man filed for a divorce in Angelina County in September 2009, but allegedly missed his final court date. Hence, his divorce was reportedly never finalized and his marriage was never dissolved.

Justin Mitchamore then applied for a marriage license in December 2009 and allegedly married another woman. The estranged wife reported to authorities that her husband had married somebody else while he was still married to her. Justin Mitchamore was then arrested and booked at the Angelina County Jail.

What's the moral of this story? Have an experienced family law attorney take care of divorce procedures to ensure that a dissolution of marriage is finalized before running off and marrying another person. Perhaps Justin Mitchamore's bigamy charge was all just a big misunderstanding, but Texas family law attorneys can ensure that you're familiar with the state's divorce process and that a final judgment is made in your case that resolves all the surrounding issues in a divorce. More information on the divorce process and bigamy laws can be found through our Related Resources pages.

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