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Father Turns Himself In After 17 Years In Child Abduction Case

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A boy who had been missing from his mother for 17 years, could now have the opportunity to reunite with the mom. CBS News reports that Stephen Michael Palacios will be turning 21 years of age tomorrow and that he has not seen his mom since 1993 when he was allegedly abducted by his father during a divorce battle.

The Texan mother, who is now re-married, was reportedly awarded primary custody of the child in the divorce case. She was living with her son in Waco before her son's disappearance in 1993. The boy had not known about his reported disappearance until recently when he read about his own abduction case in a local Waco newspaper. He then persuaded his father to surrender to federal authorities. After turning himself in, the father was jailed on charges of interference with child custody.

The father already has a Houston attorney that is set to defend him of the interference with child custody charge. The attorney Paul Nugent told CBS News that his client made a mistake and that the father "was motivated by love, not ill will."

When a parent does not agree with a child custody decision, he or she may feel that the only option possible is abducting the child. However, this can lead to serious legal consequences, including criminal charges. When it comes to child custody cases, a Houston family law attorney can provide representation during a child custody hearing or even appeal a judge's child custody ruling.

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