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Can a Teenage Parent Be Ordered to Pay Child Support?

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If the non-custodial parent is still a minor, he or she is still responsible for supporting the child and can still be ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. The Child Support Division in the Office of the Attorney General states that a Texas judge can look at a teenage parent's income while he or she is still in school and decide how much child support must be paid.

Once the teenage parent finishes school, a judge can review the non-custodial parent's income again and can make changes to a child support order. The amount of child support a parent pays is dependent on his or her income. So if a teenage parent is able to get a job once he or she graduates from high school, child support payments can be increased. In Texas, a parent that is subjected to a child support order may request a review of the ordered child support amounts every three years by contacting the Office of the Attorney General.

Minor parents can also ask for a pre-trial conference to be scheduled at their local child support office, where the minor parents and their own parents or legal guardians can meet with a child support officer to negotiate a child support order. If all issues can be resolved at the pre-trial conference, the two parties will not have to appear in court.

Yet even minor parents will sometimes need their own Houston family law attorney so that a child support case can be resolved in court. More information on child support can be found through our Related Resources.

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