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Houston Mother Has Quintuplets Birth

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CBS news reports that 30-year-old Veronica Real-Mayorga gave birth to quintuplets in a Houston hospital last Saturday after 29 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. While the five babies were born 11 weeks early, the average gestation period for a quintuplets birth is just 28 weeks -- quints are almost always born premature.  The babies were all born between 2 1/2 and four pounds.

Veronica Real-Mayorga and her husband Enrique Mayorga were reportedly using fertility drugs when they were trying to get pregnant after years of failed pregnancy attempts. Considering that there are only about 100 known sets of quintuplets in the world, they'll be sharing the very rare joy of raising five infants all at once.

It took 23 doctors in two different operating rooms to handle the quintuplets birth, but now it looks like that all of them will be healthy. Some of the babies are now even breathing on their own without any oxygen.

But perhaps giving birth to five babies is a piece of cake compared to raising the five children. Parents often find taking care of just one child is a lot of work and often seek help when it comes to parenting. In the Lone Star state, Texas family law attorneys will often deal with complex cases involving divorce or child custody. However, family lawyers can also provide information on parenting and can often give referrals to parenting classes in the local area. Starting a family can mean making a number of decisions about the future. When making parenting decisions, it can be a good idea to learn more about education, healthcare, and child safety when it comes to raising a family.

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