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Glen Engle Files $1M Suit Against Ex-Wife For Taking Son Away

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The Southeast Texas record reports that a Texan man had asked his 11-year-old son to mow the lawn one day and when the mower broke, he asked his son to get down on his hands and knees to cut the grass with a pair of scissors. Obviously this is not a fun activity for a pre-teen boy, so the child ran away from the yard when his father was not looking and went to a friend's house to ask his mother, who is divorced from his father, to come pick him up.

Yet when the mother followed through with her son's request, she got herself into quite a bit of legal trouble. The father Glen Engle has filed a $1 million lawsuit against his ex-wife in the Orange County District Court of Texas, claiming that the mother wrongfully rescued their son from chores and that he went through emotional grief by not knowing where his son was for over three hours.

What's worse? The mother may have violated a child custody order. The lawsuit states that the father was supposed to have custody of his son on the weekend that the incident occurred. The defendants in this case have reportedly tried to get Child Protective Services involved, but the agency has stated that the cutting of grass by hand did not rise to a level of abuse.

As a Texas lawyer, Glen Engle is representing himself in his case. The defendant, however, should probably get a Texas family law attorney of her own if she wants to keep the child custody arrangement as it already is. It's possible that the father may want to modify the current child custody agreement after what he claims happened.

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