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Get Help Paying Child Support Through NCP Choices Program

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If a non-custodial parent is having trouble making child support payments either because he or she is unemployed or because the parent earns a low-income, then the parent may be able to get help from the Non-custodial Parent (NCP) Choices Program in Texas.

The San Antonio Express reports that this program was implemented across the state of Texas in 2005 in hopes of helping low-income unemployed or underemployed noncustodial parents who are behind on their child support payments and whose children are current or former recipients of public assistance. The program is a collaborative effort of the attorney general's office and the Texas Workforce Commission.

After enrolling in the program, participants can meet with job counselors and get referrals for jobs. The program also helps its participants get access to resources on their job hunt, such as providing the participants with bus passes and giving them tips on how to dress for a job interview.

"If they can become employed, they have a better chance of keeping up with the child support payments," Senior Workforce Services Specialist Vickie Reece told San Antonio Express. "When these individuals get engaged and start working, you are really changing the whole family dynamic."

Most child support payers don't want to be deadbeat parents, but sometimes non-custodial parents have trouble making their court ordered payments. In this situation, Texas family law attorneys can help non-custodial parents modify their child support agreement. Programs like NCP can also help non-custodial parents get employment so that they can make their child support payments. More information about NCP can be found at

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