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Church Leader Ordered to Pay $148,000 in Child Support

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A bishop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Zion Ranch has been ordered to pay $148,000 in child support to his former wife Carolyn Jessop so that she can take care of her eight children. The San Angelo Standard-Times reports that the large sum of money comes after seven years of no child support order.

The $148,000 that is due is considered back pay for the seven years in which Carolyn Jessop's ex-husband, Frederick Merril Jessop, did not pay child support. In addition to this money, the FLDS bishop will also have to continue to pay $2,450 per month in support. The couple split up in 2003 after Carolyn Jessop left the FLDS in 2003 with her eight children, one of whom has special needs that are reportedly requires 24-hour care.

The mother told the San Angelo Standard-Times that she did not initially pursue a child support order after their break-up because she claimed that she didn't have the resources to go about getting such an order. While many people may not be aware of the process to go about getting a child support order, obtaining such an order can actually be very simple with help from Texas family law attorneys.

FindLaw states that child support orders are issued by the family courts, where a judge bases the amount of child support largely on the non-custodial parent's income and the number of children that must be supported. Other factors such as the custodial parent's income and the needs of each child are also taken into consideration by a judge when an order is made.

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