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August is Child Support Awareness Month

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According to the Child Support Director's Association (CSDA), August has been proclaimed Child Support Awareness Month. This means that both the federal government and various local governments around the country are raising awareness about the importance of paying child support this month.

When non-custodial parents pay their child support dues, they are providing economic security to their families and children. In the state of Texas, the Office of the Attorney General provides services and information for parents who wish to obtain or provide support for their children, including a step-by-step process on how to request or how to give child support through a court order. Texas family law attorneys can also assist with this process.

The Attorney General's Child Support Division mission statement  says that the agency "has responsibility to assist parents in obtaining the financial support necessary for children to grow up and succeed in life." Parents can obtain information on the state's child support services by contacting the Child Support Division at 1-800-252-8014. The National Child Support Awareness Month may also recognize the need to crackdown on deadbeat parents in the state of Texas and across the country. Any parent that has had trouble collecting court ordered child support should speak to a Houston family law attorney in order to learn how such an order can go about being enforced. Any non-custodial parent that his delinquent on child support payments can also contact family law attorney in order to learn more information on modifying an existing child support order.

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