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Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order Renewed

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Academy award winning actress Sandra Bullock has requested that her restraining order be renewed in Los Angeles, claiming that a man has been stalking her for the past seven years. According to the Vancouver Sun, an attorney filed the motion earlier this week for Sandra Bullock to keep the protective order against Thomas James Weldon, which she first obtained in 2003.

As if the actress didn't have enough legal problems dealing with her divorce from Jesse James, the woman is now dealing with the struggle of getting a permanent protective order. She was able to get a temporary restraining order earlier this week from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson after a previous protective order expired last year. Now, the actress is looking to get the permanent order at a hearing on August 6.

Sandra Bullock currently resides in the state of Texas and will want a protective order that can be enforced in the Lone Star state. Texas family law attorneys often deal with family issues, including matters of divorce, child custody, adoption, and paternity claims. However, family law attorneys also sometimes deal with getting people protective orders, especially people that have been victims of domestic violence or domestic disputes. Protective orders are only usually awarded to those who have been victims of family violence, but because Sandra Bullock is a celebrity and public figure, she'll likely be able to get a permanent protective order against a man who has sent her numerous e-mails and who has gone to see her in hopes of starting a relationship.

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