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Family Tries to Annul Nikki Araguz's Marriage

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The widow of a firefighter that was killed in a large blaze might have trouble holding on to her husband's money, since the firefighter's parents are trying to annul their marriage even after his death.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the widow Nikki Araguz, from Wharton, is a transgender that born a man but got a sex change operation so that she is now a woman. Since same-sex marriage is illegal in the state of Texas, the parents of the fire victim are arguing that the marriage between Thomas and Nikki Araguz should be annulled. This is because Nikki was not born a woman.

The family says that up to 500,000 in benefits can be at stake. Without the lawsuit to annul the marriage, the benefits would be divided between Nikki Araguz and the fallen firefighter's two young children that he had with another woman. The parents of Thomas Araguz would like to see his transgendered wife get no death benefits and have their son's two children be the sole beneficiaries of the estate.

In order to receive help fighting for the validity of her marriage, Nikki Araguz has hired Texas family law attorneys that focus on the rights of transgender individuals. Attorney Phyllis Frye told the Houston Chronicle that this case can become very significant for transgenders in the state of Texas.

FindLaw states that annulments of marriage are rare in today's society, but that the process is still available if the required legal grounds for annulment are present. To learn more about the procedure of an annulment, contact Texas family law attorneys in the area.

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