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Drowning Victim Richard Walker Was Planning To Adopt

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It's always sad to hear about a drowning case, but a recent Fort Worth drowning is particularly depressing to hear about for many families in the state of Texas.

Fox News reports that the victim was 47-year-old Richard Walker of Winnsboro. The man had jumped into the water to save a young girl that he was planning to adopt, but currents were strong and pulled him under the water. A passerby was able to pull the young girl out of the water, but unfortunately Richard Walker died in the Trinity River.

Child Protective Services stated that the man and his wife were planning to adopt the young girl and her 8-year-old brother. Richard Walker's wife Sandra Walker also nearly drowned in the Trinity River at the same time as her husband, but she was also saved by a person passing by. She is still recovering in the hospital. It has been reported that the children are getting counseling and support in the wake of the tragedy.

Hopefully those children will eventually find themselves within a loving family. Perhaps this story will shed light on adoption in addition to the importance of water safety. Anybody who is interested in learning about the process of adoption in the Lone Star state should contact Texas family law attorneys in the area to become informed about the various types of adoption and the state's adoption laws. An adoption attorney can help with any legal issue related to adoption and identify all the options a person has with a particular adoption.

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