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Sheryl Crow Adopts Second Child as a Single Parent

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The Grammy award winning singer Sheryl Crow has a new addition to her family with her newly adopted son Levi James. Levi is the singer's second adopted baby, which gives a new baby brother to Wyatt Crow, who was adopted in 2007.

New York Daily News reported that Sheryl Crow posted the news of her adoption on her website earlier this month. The adoption had reportedly been underway for about a year before she was given custody of the child.

The new family addtion now makes Sheryl Crow a proud single parent of two. The singer has never been married, but was once engaged to cyclist Lance Armstrong. Perhaps her new child will once again send out a significant message to single parents who are looking to adopt. Fortunately, single parent adoptions are much more prevalent than they used to be with thousands of adopted children now living with single men and single women.

However, FindLaw states that that there are still many obstacles that single parents face when it comes to adoption. Adoption agencies in Texas, for example, have varying policies in dealing with single applicants, where some may not accept single parent applicants at all. Many people, including Texas family law attorneys, feel that this bias toward putting children in two-parent households is unfair. So, there are family law attorneys that can help single prospective parents prepare for the home study process or that can walk a prospective parent through the legal paperwork with an adoption agency. If Sheryl Crow can adopt two children as a single mom, you should be able to as well!

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