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ABC Demands Ring Back From Vienna Girardi

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, who became engaged on the most recent season of The Bachelor, are no longer engaged and recently split up. The show's producers seem to be so upset by the breakup that they're asking Vienna to return her $50,000 2.72-carat diamond and platinum ring.

The New York Post reports that it's unclear whether ABC is looking to use the ring on a future season of The Bachelor or if the network will just be keeping the ring in storage. If Vienna is really in love with her ring, she may even want to go as far as hiring a family law attorney to get her ring back. However, because reality television doesn't always represent reality, it's unclear if Vienna actually had any rights to her ring at all. Perhaps it was just supposed to be a prop and she signed an agreement with ABC, saying that she would give the ring back if there's no marriage.

The engagement ring laws vary slightly from state to state. Some regional laws say that the ring receiver can keep the ring no matter what happens with the engagement, since the ring is simply supposed to be a gift. Texas law, on the other hand, states that an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift and that the ring giver can get the ring back if the marriage is broken off. However, if the ring giver is the one to call of a wedding for a non-justifiable reason, then the ring receiver is usually entitled to keep the ring. If you're really set on keeping your engagement ring after an engagement is broken off, then you should consult a Houston family law attorney to learn more information about the potential claims you may have.

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