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Jesse James' Child Custody Battle - Round 2

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Jesse James has recently had his family affairs all over news headlines, and now the latest news has to do with the custody of his daughter. The New York Post reports that Mr. James will once again be going through a custody battle with his ex-wife Janine Lindermulder.

Last year, family courts granted Mr. James full custody of their daughter Sunny because Ms. Lindermulder was seen as an unfit parent for the young girl by the court. She was found guilty of tax evasion in the past and currently lives in a halfway house. But since drama has emerged in Mr. James' relationship with Sandra Bullock, the mother now hopes to re-gain custody of Sunny.

She has a family law attorney and a court date set for June 14. She will try to argue that because Mr. James had an alleged affair with tatoo model Michelle McGee, he is now an unfit parent as well. FindLaw states that when making a decision with child custody cases, courts usually see the child's "best interest" as the main factor of consideration. And if Jesse James is cheating on his wife, does it set a good example for his daughter Sunny?

Only time will tell, but one of the major factors that the court may have considered when it granted full custody of Sunny to Mr. James could have been because of his seemingly stable marriage with Sandra Bullock.

You don't need to be a movie star in order to have issues with child custody. It's an issue that affects many Texans. Deciding what is in the child's best interest can often be difficult to determine, so a case is usually determined by which attorney presents the best case. Each state also has it's own specific child custody laws, so the location of where a case is filed often plays a large role. To learn more about Texas child custody laws or how to find a skilled Texas family law attorney, visit our Related Resources links.

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