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Houston Fire Dept. Takes 9-Month-Old Baby

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If you have a baby, but can't handle the responsibility of the child, there are places you can go and things that you can do. The Texas Baby Moses Law allows for mothers to voluntarily leave infants 60 days or younger with an emergency medical care provider, according to the University of Texas. Under the Baby Moses Law, a mother will not be able to be convicted of child endangerment or abandonment if she wishes to give up a newborn child to emergency care providers.

Earlier this week, the Houston Fire Dept. actually accepted a 9-month old baby boy who was dropped off at the station. According to the Houston Chronicle, a man dropped off the baby boy and said the child belonged to a friend of his girlfriend and that he had been taking care of the baby for six days. The man said that he was unsure of what to do with the baby, so he brought the child to the Houston Fire Dept. station.

Assistant Fire Chief Omero Longoria said that the baby appeared to be healthy and clean; but that the baby was taken to the Texas Children's Hospital. Once the parental rights of the infant are terminated, the baby will be turned over to state child welfare authorities to be placed in foster care and ultimately made available for adoption. So with the help of a Houston adoption attorney, a family may be able to take the young boy home, where the child can start a new life with a new set of parents. Not every child abandonment story has to have a sad ending.

If you have questions about adoption, it may help to consult a Houston adoption attorney. For more information, please visit our Related Resources links.

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