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Granny Get Your Gun: Child Support Battle

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It's never too late to collect overdue child support payments. It can still matter even if you're 81-years-old, and your son is over the age of 60. The Houston Chronicle reports that one elderly woman has now hired a family law attorney so that she can collect $57,000 is child support that is 60 years overdue.

The dispute between Rosemary Douglas and Urban Joseph Grass may seem quite comical, yet their stories seem to contradict one another. Ms. Douglas, the mother, claims that Mr. Grass was ordered to pay $50 a month in child support back in 1950. Mr. Grass claims that he never knew of such an order. He says that he went to one court hearing, but that he wasn't ordered to pay anything and was never asked to appear in court again.

Ms. Douglas claims that she kept trying to get the child support money from Mr. Grass, who now resides in Pearland, for the first few years of her son's life. However, she eventually gave up when she married another man and had two more children. Now, the 81-year old woman is a widow and says that she can use the $57,000 that she claims Mr. Grass owes her. The amount of $57,000 includes the ever-rising interest.

While there is no statute of limitations on child support payments, some Texas family law attorneys may question why the woman has waited so long to legally demand the child support payments. Family law attorney Pedram Mansouri, who will be representing Mr. Grass in a Los Angeles courtroom says that he doesn't believe Ms. Douglas will be able to prove anything.

"We are hoping to make this go away pretty quickly," Mr. Mansouri told the Houston Chronicle. "I suspect it's an old lady down on her luck who's looking for some money."

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