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Family Law Attorneys Analyze The Larry King Divorce

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CNN's television personality Larry King filed divorce papers with his current wife last week in Los Angeles, but the San Francisco Chronicle reports that couple may try to work things out in their marriage by attending marriage counseling sessions. Yet, the Larry King divorce papers are still filed.

Larry King's family law attorney said that there's a "50-50 chance that the divorce is not happening." At the age of 76, Larry King has quite a great deal of experience when it comes to divorce. His current wife, Shawn Southwick, is the Larry King's seventh wife. If he and Shawn Southwick split, then it will be Larry King's eighth divorce. This is because Larry King married and divorced one of his wives twice.

E! Online states that Larry King has no prenuptial agreement with Shawn Southwick. This is because he really thought that this woman would be the one that he spent the rest of his life with. Was that not his attitude with the other six wives? It makes a Houston family law attorney wonder.

Yet, it's true that Larry King's marriage with Shawn Southwick outlasted all of his other marriages by far. The couple has been married for 13 years and they have 2 children together, ages 11 and 9. Rumors swirling that a Larry King divorce is imminent may not be helping the CNN star too much at home.

Divorce at such a late age can be difficult, but some Texas family law attorneys say that late-aged divorces are becoming more and more common. Texas family law attorney Janice Green recently wrote a book titled Divorce After 50, which offers advice and guidance on how to deal with the expensive costs of divorce and how to deal with the emotional struggles a divorce can bring at a later age. Perhaps Larry King can become an inspiration for older people who are looking to divorce.

If you are thinking about divorce later in life, it can help to meet with a Houston family law attorney. There are a lot of legal issues that come into with divorce and Texas family law attorneys know how to ensure that you are protected through the entire process.

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