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Does Autism Lead to Divorce?

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Married couples who have autistic children sometimes have to overcome hurdles in their marriage on top of caring for autistic children. Texas family law attorneys say that divorces are common among parents who have children with autism, perhaps because of the time and energy that goes into taking care of such kids.

The National Autism Association reports that 80 percent of couples with autistic children get divorced, however there some people in Houston that are trying to change this. As stated in Fox News, Scott and Ashley Jackson are hoping to tackle the high divorce rate among couples with special needs children by providing parents with a "date night."

The couple started the Tackling Autism Foundation in order to bring parents of special needs children closer together. Once a month, the organization chooses some deserving parents to participate in the Timeout for Two program. Through the program, parents of autistic children are able to have a night out while their children stay with a Texan behavioral therapist. This is a benefit for autistic children and parents alike.

"This is a good time to just kind of sit back and relax with your wife and remember before all this happened, you were friends, you fell in love, you got married," Scott Jackson told Fox News.

The Tackling Autism Foundation was founded to reduce the cost of autism therapy. On average, the organization states that the cost of intensive autism therapy is approximately $4,000 a month. The "date night" is a chance for the parents to have a break from full-time parenthood. Anyone interested in registering for a chance to win a "time out for two" can visit

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