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April Marks Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Now is a good time to take action against child abuse, since April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in the state of Texas and in the United States. According to Brownwood News, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services records that there are nearly 200,000 children in Texas that are abused or neglected each year.

Child Protective Services is the agency that usually gets involved with child abuse cases, but Brownwood News reports that CPS cannot get involved with every case before serious damage is done. Texas family law attorneys will often get involved with child abuse cases if there is a child custody issue at hand. Separated or divorced couples who have kids often argue who gets custody of the children. If one parent has had a history of abusing a child, then a Houston family law attorney would have a good argument for why that abusive parent shouldn't get custody.

This month there will be several events in the Houston area that shed light on child abuse prevention. One such event is the Family Kite Festival in Rosenberg.

The launch of hundreds of kites scheduled for April 18 at at Seabourne Creek Park will symbolize the many child abuse victims in the area. Fort Bend Now reports that there will be free kites for the first 400 attendees. Several local non-profit groups are sponsoring the event, including Bikers Against Child Abuse, Fort Bend Rainbow Room, Oak Bend Medical Center, Exchange Club, South Houston Area Recreational Kiters and many others. To learn more information about child abuse and how to prevent child abuse, visit our Related Resource pages.

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