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Wife of Los Angeles Dodger's Owner Wants Alimony

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Even some Texas family law attorneys are surprised by Jamie McCourt's alimony request. The estranged wife of Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, now wants $988,845 per month in alimony; which is more than double her original request.

Associated Press reports that Ms. McCourt's lawyers are alleging that her husband manipulated financial statements to reduce his estimated net worth down to $163 million from $835 million. She feels that she is entitled to nearly $1 million per month so that she could keep up her lifestyle after her divorce makes its way through the Los Angeles family courts.

On the other hand, Mr. McCourt's lawyer told the Wall Street Journal that McCourt's filings are "astonishing" and that they are "clearly designed to harm the reputation and livelihood of others."

In this case, Ms. McCourt is seeking temporary spousal support. This is support that is awarded at a temporary orders hearing on a temporary basis. The laws of alimony vary from state to state. For example, in Texas there are no specific guidelines to set temporary spousal support, according to Divorce Net. The party that is seeking temporary spousal support must show what his or her needs are and show the available resources that the other spouse has in order to meet those needs.

Most people won't be able to get $1 million a month from temporary spousal support. But depending on the income of one particular spouse, a wide range of support can be awarded in certain situations. If you have questions about alimony, please visit the Related Resources section to learn more about different types of alimony and how temporary spousal support is awarded.

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