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Texas Grounds For Annulment

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Annulments of marriage can be considered rare in today's society, but FindLaw states that there could be some advantages to getting an annulment rather than a divorce.

An annulment essentialy voids a marriage, meaning that the marriage was never seen as valid in the eyes in the law. This is different from divorce in that a divorce terminates a marriage that had once been legally valid. With an annulment, you are free to marry somebody else without going through the process of filing divorce papers. However, courts cannot award alimony or spousal support with an annulment, and marital property rights are terminated.

Texas has very specific criteria on the grounds that a marriage can be annulled. reports that a person can file for annulment under the following voidable annulment grounds: marriage is to someone under the age of 18, if the marriage took place under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if a spouse is unable to consummate the marriage, if an individual was threatened to get married, or if a spouse had a pre-marriage mental illness that was concealed from the other spouse.

These circumstances are usually the only grounds for annulment in the state of Texas. There's also a time limit on when an annulment can be processed; depending on the type of marriage. For example, if a person gets married under the age of 14 and wants to get a marriage annulled, then that person only has 90 days after the 14th birthday to start the process of annulment. Those looking to get an annulment in the Lone Star state should start by contacting a Houston family law attorney.

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