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More Houston Couples Signing Prenup

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Houston family law attorney Jacque Taylor told KIAH News that she used to pull out prenuptial agreement forms for clients about twice a year. But now that number has dramatically increased to about once or twice a month.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that is supposed to state who gets what assets in the case of a divorce. FindLaw states that a prenuptial agreement can sometimes be seen as unromantic and that young couples often have difficulties discussing the responsibilities of property rights, debts, and estate planning.

Yet FindLaw also reports that there are many advantages to getting a prenup this day and age. In addition to assigning property rights, a prenuptial agreement can solve unexpected problems, such as the establishment of inheritance rights of children and grandchildren from a previous marriage. If you own your own business, a prenuptial agreement can protect the business or professional practice from being divided in the case of a divorce. In a recession, family law attorneys say that a prenuptial agreement can especially be of importance.

"I think when the economy starts to suffer, you see people trying to protect their assets more and more and in Texas we protect separate property," Ms. Taylor, the Houston family law attorney, told KIAH. "Sometimes people are too young and I tell them a prenup may not work for them."

A survey by Harris Interactive that asked 2,300 single adults about their opinions of prenuptial agreements concluded that approximately one third of respondents would ask a significant other to sign a prenup. It seems that prenup is the new trend among the newlyweds.

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