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More Families Looking Into Adopting Special-Needs Children

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Associated Press reports that there's now a new trend when it comes to adopting children from China. Many parents in the United States are choosing to adopt special-needs children from China's orphanages rather than children who are healthy.

In the 1990s, the large majority of Chinese children adopted by foreigners were healthy baby girls that had been abandoned by their parents; usually because of the country's one-child policy and because of the preference for a son. But in recent years, China has eased its one-child policy and domestic adoptions have even increased. As a result, U.S. adoptions from China dropped by more than 60 percent last year. And Associated Press reports that roughly three out of every five children that are now adopted have special needs. The waiting time to adopt a healthy child from China is about four years, where the adoption of a special needs child can be completed in less than one year.

Local agencies that focus on adoptions from China now deal a great deal of work preparing families to take on special-needs cases. Great Wall China Adoptions, located in Austin, has placed roughly 8,000 children in U.S. homes since 1996. Half of their current caseloads consist of special-needs adoptions. Texas family law attorneys often work with local adoption agencies to complete the international adoption legal process.

The children's health conditions vary when it comes to the classification of special needs child. Some of the conditions are even correctable. Congenital heart disease, cleft lips, missing limbs, and impaired vision are just some of the conditions that a special needs orphan can have.

Adoption can be a complicated process; particularly if it is an overseas adoption. Consulting a Houston family law attorney may be helpful. 

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