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Matthew Knowles Agrees to Take Paternity Test

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There's all sorts of family court drama in Beyonce Knowles' family. For starters, Trans World News reports that Alexsandra Wright claims that she had an 18-month long affair with Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles. Ms. Wright gave birth to her son last month and believes that Matthew Knowles is the father of her baby. She filed a paternity lawsuit against Mr. Knowles last October and Mr. Knowles has reportedly agreed to submit himself to a paternity test if it is necessary.

If the paternity test shows that Mr. Knowles is the father of the child, then family courts might rule that he is responsible for paying Ms. Wright child support. Global Grind reports that Mr. Knowles has already been ordered to pay all uninsured medical costs for the birth of the child and that a judge has ordered Mr. Knowles to pay some child support for the time being. However, long-term child support payments will be dependent on the results of the paternity test.

And if paternity testing and child support suits seem like a lot to have on Mr. Knowles plate, there's even more family drama involved. Trans World News reports that Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles is filing for a divorce against Mr. Knowles after 29 years of marriage. Who knows, maybe he'll have an alimony suit heading his way as well in the process of the divorce.

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