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Nas Accused of Unpaid Child and Spousal Support

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The R&B singer Kelis has entered a family feud with her former husband Nas; who has become an iconic rapper in recent years.

The couple divorced last year when Kelis was seven months pregnant with their child. After Kelis gave birth to their son Knight, she decided to take Nas to court and get some child support for their son. Associated Press reports that Nas was ordered to pay more than $51,000 per month to his former wife and infant son last December.

However, Kelis and her family law attorney now claim that Nas is $200,000 behind on child and spousal support payments. The rapper now faces a criminal contempt charge for violating the court order dealing with child and spousal support. Yet, Nas claims that he is unable to pay the the court-ordered support amounts.

According to, Kelis was awarded such high monthly payments because Nas reported an annual gross income of $4 million and because Kelis claimed that she is dependent on him for financial stability.

In the city of Houston, there are many Texas family law attorneys that deal with feuds over child support and alimony. FindLaw states that not every former spouse is even entitled to spousal support. Alimony is usually only awarded when a former spouse is in serious need of financial assistance and when the other spouse can afford to pay support. In Texas, spousal support is usually temporary and his carried out until the spouse in need can become self-supporting. All too often, one spouse will take advantage of the other in terms of alimony, so it's important to contact a skilled family law attorney to make sure a fair agreement is established.

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