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Unless both partners earned the exact same salaries during a marriage and have identical earning potentials following a divorce, the break-up of a marriage usually leaves one party less well-off than the other. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is intended to provide some financial equity following a divorce. Now that many households have two working spouses, especially in large cities such as Houston, spousal support is often not clearly defined.

There are several different types of spousal support and a wide variety of ways it can be calculated and paid out. As a result of the myriad of ways alimony can be calculated, it helps to rely on the expertise of a Houston Family Law attorney when seeking alimony.

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3 Things to Know About Financial Affidavits

Finances are an integral part of a divorce. And one very important document when discussing finances and divorce is a financial affidavit.

What is a financial affidavit? An affidavit is a sworn written statement made under oath; a financial affidavit describes your assets, your income, and other financial information.

It's very important for divorcing parties to understand what a financial affidavit is and how it can affect you, if you're going through a divorce.

Ashton Kutcher Files for Divorce From Demi Moore (Finally!)

Finally, Ashton and Demi have divorce papers in the works! According to Reuters, Ashton Kutcher filed the papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.

The Hollywood couple's split has been dragging on for quite some time. The two separated in November 2011 and until now, no divorce papers had been filed, leading some to speculate that the two were dragging their feet over money.

When they married six years ago, Kutcher's star was rising and Moore was seen as the primary breadwinner. But as time progressed, the couple's finances have changed a great deal.

Zooey Deschanel-Ben Gibbard Split is Final, No Alimony

"New Girl's" Zooey Deschanel is now a single lady.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the singing actress finalized her divorce from rocker Ben Gibbard this week.

But there won't be any alimony in this split. According to TMZ, both spouses waived their rights to alimony.

Deschanel reportedly has a net worth of $3 million -- not bad considering her career only started taking off recently, since the launch of her hit show "New Girl."

Still No Divorce Papers for Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore

While Ashton Kutcher has allegedly moved on from his marriage with Demi Moore, TMZ reports that there has been no real move towards a divorce.

At least, no real legal move.

The couple split a year ago. Yet despite reports of the couple haggling over finances, there are still no reports of a divorce filing.

What's going on?

Celeb Divorce Lesson No. 78: Plan Your Finances Out in Advance

Let's cap the week off with some celebrity gossip. Well, let's not call it "celebrity gossip" but rather, "mistakes celebrities make when going through a divorce."

Earlier this week on the New York Estate Planning News Blog, we talked about the sad case of Gary Coleman and his estate battle, which incidentally stems from his odd marriage (which lasted for only a year).

Ashton and Demi: Feuding Over Money in Divorce Settlement

Ashton Kutcher is cheap. At least that's what the bastion of journalism OK Magazine is reporting.  Despite Kutcher's $700,000 per episode paycheck on Two and a Half Men, he is reportedly dragging his feet in his divorce from Demi Moore.

The reason for the delay? Money.

The couple still has not reached a financial settlement in their divorce.

Money and Divorce: 4 Financial Points to Ponder

Going through a divorce can be draining. Not only can it drain you emotionally, but it can also be financially draining.

In a divorce, there will be many financial issues, as Chicago Parent recently explained. Some of these include support and maintenance. Others include tax issues. It's important to think about these things when negotiating a settlement agreement.

Here are some financial points to ponder when going through a divorce:

TomKat Settlement Details: Katie Holmes Is Happy

The TomKat marriage actually ended six months before their divorce came into the public eye, reports The Huffington Post.

But it looks like it's ending well for Katie Holmes. According to HuffPo, Holmes is very happy with the settlement reached between herself and ex-hubby Tom Cruise, despite the fact that the prenup locked her out of her ex-husband's massive fortune.

Pilar Sanders Gets Child Support, Legal Fees; No Alimony

Just last week, Neon Deion Sanders, the Dallas Cowboys legend, was victorious in the realm of the Family Law courthouse. The judge awarded a him a restraining order against his estranged wife Pilar Sanders, as well as temporary custody after hearing testimony about the couple's April 23 domestic scuffle that made headlines and sent Deion to twitter.

Though Deion won the last round, Pilar emerged victorious this time, reports ABC News. The court awarded her child support in the amount of $10,500 for the three kids, plus another $275,000 to cover her legal fees.

Who is that lawyer, and how did he get the gig?

Spy v. Spouse: Spousal Surveillance on the Rise

The old truism states that trust is the foundation to any successful relationship. That's probably true, and would explain why family law courts are seeing more and more divorce cases involving snooping spouses, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Though Texas is often referred to as a "no-fault" state in terms of divorce, no-fault based on irreconcileable differences is merely an option. A divorce can also be had on the basis of fault, such as adultery, incarceration for more than a year, abandonment for more than a year, and a few other provisions.