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The need for child support arises when one parent has primary “physical custody” of a child. The other parent – the “noncustodial parent” – is then responsible for providing a certain amount of money to help with the maintenance of the child.

Unless the two parents can reach their own payment schedule, the Texas family court system will need to get involved. And Texas now uses a system called the Texas Child Support Calculator to determine child support. The child support in Texas is determined based on a number of factors, including number of children, the income of each parent, and the amount of visitation time that the non-custodial parent gets.

Given the complex relationship between Child Custody schedules and Child Support payments it is advisable to ask a competent Houston Family Law attorney about your options.

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Bethenny Frankel Divorcing and Asking for Child Support

Last week, it was just a rumor. Now, divorce is a reality for reality TV personality Bethenny Frankel.

Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy are divorcing, reports The New York Post. Although Frankel hasn't spoken out about her divorce yet, rumors have run rampant since her separation nearly a month ago.

The Frankel-Hoppy divorce seems anything but amicable, if early reports are true. For starters, Frankel is apparently asking for primary custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter Bryn.

And she is actually asking Hoppy for child support, despite the fact that she made more than $12 million last year.

Kim and Kanye Announce Baby, But Kim and Kris Still Married

Earlier this week, we heard the news that Kim Kardashian was carrying Kanye West's baby. But what's more interesting is that the pregnant reality star is still technically married to someone else.

Kanye made the announcement during a performance in Atlantic City on Sunday, when he asked the audience to congratulate his "baby mama," reports The Spin. Kardashian went on to confirm the statement on her website.

What isn't confirmed, however, is her divorce from Kris Humphries.

Stop Having Kids, Judge Says

If you can't support your children, then shouldn't you stop having kids? That's the idea that a Wisconsin family court judge had, reports NBC News.

But is such an order infringing upon the fundamental right of a human to procreate? Corey Curtis was sentenced to three years of probation on Monday, writes NBC. His crime? Felony bail jumping and failure to pay child support.

TomKat Settlement Details: Katie Holmes Is Happy

The TomKat marriage actually ended six months before their divorce came into the public eye, reports The Huffington Post.

But it looks like it's ending well for Katie Holmes. According to HuffPo, Holmes is very happy with the settlement reached between herself and ex-hubby Tom Cruise, despite the fact that the prenup locked her out of her ex-husband's massive fortune.

Deadbeat Parents in Texas: Half Are Late on Child Support

Texans lag on child support payments. According to the Houston Chronicle, about 460,000 Texas parents are deadbeats.

Well, perhaps the term "deadbeat" is extreme, but these parents were delinquent on their child support payments last year by at least a month, the Chron reports.

Man Not Responsible for Financial Support of IVF Baby

In Vitro Fertilization, it is the miracle that many parents prayed for when they were not successful conceiving a child naturally. Generally, IVF does not raise many parental identity issues because it is very clear where the egg comes from, the sperm comes from, and who actually gives birth to the child.

However, when a man is not married to the woman going through IVF and the child is not genetically his, a paternity challenge could arise. Something like this happened in California. Tracey Smith and Gregory Carr were dating, with Carr financing a lavish lifestyle for the two. While they were involved, Carr paid for Smith's IVF treatment, according to Courthouse News Service. Two rounds of IVF did not work, but Carr proposed that the two get married and promised to financially support her for life.

Smith accepted the proposal and underwent a third IVF cycle before Carr abruptly cut off the engagement, according to Courthouse News. Smith claimed in a lawsuit that Carr promised to financially support the child that resulted. Could Carr be responsible for the child?

Texans' WR Andre Johnson Sued for Child Support

The problem with children is that you have to support them. You may wish that they'd come into the world ready to take a swing at all of life's challenges, but no, they are incredibly fragile and in need of support for many, many years. Hence child support laws.

For Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans, the state's child support laws are coming at him fast. His former live-in girlfriend Dionne Reese has sued him for an increase in child support payments, as well as full custody and damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to ABC13 Eyewitness News.

What determines child support payments?

Flavor Flav Always a Public Enemy, No Longer a Deadbeat Dad?

Flavor Flav, a.k.a. William Jonathan Drayton Jr., is indeed an unforgettable character. The easily recognizable hype man for Public Enemy stands out anywhere while wearing his giant clock necklace. This piece of fashion stands out more than usual when Flav is in a courtroom discussing his child support payment with a judge, reports TMZ.

Flav was behind some $111,186 and facing 180 days in jail if he did not pay, according to the New York Daily News. Instead of paying a lump sum, the judge allowed Flav to pay $25,000 to the mother of three of his seven children, along with $1,200 a month to help reduce his debt.

Paternity in Texas: Avoid the Maury Povich Show

Good ol' Maury Povich, he is looking out for the mothers and fathers of the world by helping them determine child support and paternity issues. A visit to Maury's webpage and you're immediately confronted with video about his next show asking “who is the father?” Now that Father's Day is over, it's ok to look into these questions about paternity in Texas again.

Well, it's probably in everyone's best interest to stay off the Maury show, unless you like to trade your dignity for cash (don't answer that). While one of Maury's questions of the day is whether a paternity test destroys all trust in a relationship, it is possible that there are more than relationship issues when you're talking paternity.

Pilar Sanders Gets Child Support, Legal Fees; No Alimony

Just last week, Neon Deion Sanders, the Dallas Cowboys legend, was victorious in the realm of the Family Law courthouse. The judge awarded a him a restraining order against his estranged wife Pilar Sanders, as well as temporary custody after hearing testimony about the couple's April 23 domestic scuffle that made headlines and sent Deion to twitter.

Though Deion won the last round, Pilar emerged victorious this time, reports ABC News. The court awarded her child support in the amount of $10,500 for the three kids, plus another $275,000 to cover her legal fees.

Who is that lawyer, and how did he get the gig?