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7 Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a popular alternative to litigation for couples to resolve their disputes and negotiate the terms of their divorce. When it comes to something as painful and personal as eviscerating familial ties, mediation can be a saving grace. A neutral third party can help keep the discussion focused on problem-solving rather than finger-pointing. But it may not be for everyone.

Here are seven pros and cons of divorce mediation:

Does the 'Family Car Doctrine' Apply in Texas?

Does the "family car doctrine" apply in Texas?

First off, what does this doctrine mean? The family car doctrine, otherwise known as the family purpose doctrine, is applied in certain negligence cases where liability is pinned on the owner of a car for the damage caused by a family member while operating that car. It's based on the idea that a car is provided for use by the family as a unit.

So, if a teenage son crashed the family car under his dad's name, his dad could be held responsible under the family car doctrine.

What does Texas have to say about the family car doctrine? Here's an overview: