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Stepparents Can Get Visitation Rights Too

Though we see it most often in Hollywood, stepparents can play an important role in raising a child. In many states including Texas, it is possible for stepparents to get visitation rights after divorcing the child's birth parent.

But getting stepparent visitation rights is no easy matter. In most cases, the court will show a strong preference to the natural parents' wishes.

Still, the court will consider a variety of factors to make a decision about granting visitation orders.

When Couples Divorce, Who Makes Decisions for the Child?

A 6-year-old, who attends Saint Joseph’s Grade School in Toms River, New Jersey, is in serious condition after being accidentally shot in the head by his 4-year-old neighbor. The counseling services being offered at the Catholic school to help students cope with the incident bring to mind the myriad of long-term decisions that parents must make to raise a child.

In the divorce context, it raises the question of who has a say in key aspects of the child’s welfare, including schooling and religion. In fact, it is the parent who has legal custody, not just physical custody, who makes these important decisions about the upbringing of a child.