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3 Things to Know Before You Say Goodbye (to Your Marriage)

So the holidays have passed and so has Valentine's Day. It's obvious to you and your significant other that it's time to call it quits.

Next stop: Splitsville.

Now is the time to start planning ahead and strategizing for what could be a long and painful ordeal -- divorce. Here are three things you should know before getting a divorce:

1. Do your online research.

In Texas, there is such a thing as a no-fault divorce, where a party can split because things just aren't working out. In fact, it might turn out that you can pursue an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce may cut down your legal expenses dramatically. Check out some online legal forms that can help you work through an uncontested divorce.

2. Don't post too much online.

Beware of online posting. Many divorce lawyers look to Facebook and even online dating profiles to gather information that can be used against you in a divorce proceeding. It's wise to have an attorney at your disposal as soon as you decide to file for divorce. This attorney can help you avoid making some huge mistakes as your divorce unravels.

3. Watch your finances.

This will be a difficult time. You may find yourself on the losing end of an alimony battle. You may have to say goodbye to some cherished personal belongings. And most notably, you might have to shell out a chunk of change to pay your divorce lawyer.

In a traditional legal arrangement, your lawyer bills you for all the time you spend on the phone with him. But imagine if you could have unlimited calls with an attorney. Luckily, prepaid legal plans like those offered by LegalStreet give you unlimited phone consultations with local lawyers; the cost averages out to less than $13 a month. If you later need to retain a lawyer for your divorce, LegalStreet also offers discounted rates for legal plan members.

Divorce is a very contentious process. Having an attorney in your corner makes a tough process that much easier.

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