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Make Divorce Less Painful: Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

With about 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, it goes without saying that many couples look for ways to avoid divorce.

If divorce is on the horizon, what are some ways a couple can try to steer clear? And if divorce is inevitable, are there ways to make divorce less painful?

Divorce will never be painless. But there are ways to work through a divorce. Here are a few ways to make it potentially less painful:

Couple's therapy. This might be a way to work things out so that a couple doesn't get divorced. But in many cases, couple's therapy will lead to divorce, as many issues will finally be discussed in the open. The other thing about marriage counseling and couple's therapy is that it allows for a mediator to look in from the outside and help the couple isolate their issues -- issues that may come up later during the divorce, the Toledo Free Press reports. In fact, one state actually tried to require marital counseling prior to a divorce!

Mediation and collaborative divorce. This can be a more collaborative approach to divorce. And it keeps you out of court, for the most part. This doesn't mean that you don't file for a divorce with the court. But it does mean that you can avoid a lot of the messy litigation involved with a divorce if you choose to go the collaborative divorce route.

A collaborative divorce still involves lawyers. But it's a lot less litigious than a regular divorce proceeding. Essentially, you begin the process with your lawyers. If things start getting more contentious, you bring in mediators.

Divorce is generally not a pretty process. Sometimes, the parties are not willing to come to the table amicably and litigation simply cannot be avoided. Take a look at our related resources below for more information on how to handle a divorce. You may also want to consult an experienced Houston divorce lawyer to learn more.

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