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Is Octomom a Bad Mother? Back on Welfare After Rehab

Octomom Nadya Suleman is on welfare, according to US Magazine .

This is just five months after getting off welfare. She is reportedly receiving $1,800 a month for food. $1,000 for emergency cash and money for health and medical help.

She was able to take a temporary hiatus from welfare after earning some money through stripping and making pornographic videos.

The single mother of 14 children just left a 28-day stint in rehab, where she was treated for anxiety and fatigue, reports US Magazine.

For many, the whole Octomom fiasco raises questions on parenting and begs many to ask about what constitutes child endangerment. At what point should authorities step in and tell a parent that she is incapable of managing the best interests of a child?

After all, we're looking at a single mom with no steady job and 14 children -- 8 of whom were conceived deliberately after she had the first 6.

The sad reality for the Octo-kids is that the state, whether Texas or California, rarely steps in and takes children away from a parent without signs of abuse.

Poverty isn't necessarily a cause for foster care.

What's even trickier is that there are 14 children. State child welfare authorities won't be so quick to separate siblings if there are no real allegations of child abuse or child endangerment.

Suleman has been taking care of her children by hiring nannies and help. She has also been providing them with shelter in a 5,000 square foot home in Palmdale, California.

Back in October, authorities actually looked into whether Suleman was neglecting her children. The investigation resulted in no concrete case against Suleman for child abuse or child neglect.

So for now, Octomom may have to resort to porn again. But she's well within her rights to do so and not be labeled a bad mom.

At least not legally.

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