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Zooey Deschanel-Ben Gibbard Split is Final, No Alimony

"New Girl's" Zooey Deschanel is now a single lady.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the singing actress finalized her divorce from rocker Ben Gibbard this week.

But there won't be any alimony in this split. According to TMZ, both spouses waived their rights to alimony.

Deschanel reportedly has a net worth of $3 million -- not bad considering her career only started taking off recently, since the launch of her hit show "New Girl."

Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard are divorcing based on "irreconcilable differences," which is California's way of saying it's nobody's fault. They were married for two years.

Texas also has a similar no-fault divorce statute. Essentially, a couple in Texas may divorce if the marriage is insupportable due to discord.

Deschanel and Gibbard's divorce was relatively seamless. The couple had no kids and was only married a short time.

There's no mention of any prenuptial agreement, but details of Deschanel's divorce leaked earlier this year when her financials became public.

California, like Texas, is a community property state. That means that any income earned during the marriage would be split between the spouses in most cases.

So in that case, it's a good thing that Deschanel filed for divorce when her TV show was relatively new. In the past year, "New Girl's" popularity has taken off tremendously and if the show continues to do well, it could be headed for syndication, which would only bring in more income.

Currently, Deschanel makes $95,000 per month from "New Girl." Her monthly expenses are $22,500. According to her divorce papers, she has $1.6 million in the bank.

Moving forward, Deschanel should do what other successful women have done and get a prenup, if she plans on remarrying. Her star is only rising.

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