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Ashton Kutcher Files for Divorce From Demi Moore (Finally!)

Finally, Ashton and Demi have divorce papers in the works! According to Reuters, Ashton Kutcher filed the papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.

The Hollywood couple's split has been dragging on for quite some time. The two separated in November 2011 and until now, no divorce papers had been filed, leading some to speculate that the two were dragging their feet over money.

When they married six years ago, Kutcher's star was rising and Moore was seen as the primary breadwinner. But as time progressed, the couple's finances have changed a great deal.

The couple spent much of their married life with California as their primary residence. California, like Texas, is a community property state. That means assets acquired between their date of marriage and their date of separation belong to the spouses jointly, unless otherwise stipulated.

While Kutcher walked into the marriage as a modest celebrity, he is now the highest-paid TV sitcom actor for his role on the CBS show "Two and a Half Men." But any income Kutcher has received from that show since November 2011, when he and Demi separated, would likely be considered Kutcher's separate property.

Despite an alleged affair that Kutcher is rumored to have had, the couple's divorce papers cite "irreconcilable differences," which is California's "no fault" ground for divorce. Texas has something similar, although a couple can also divorce by citing adultery as a reason in Texas.

In their divorce papers, Ashton Kutcher also stated that he is not seeking alimony. Demi Moore, however, looks like she's going after spousal support, according to TMZ.

The tables certainly turned on the couple's finances in six years.

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