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33 Foster Kids Find Permanent Home on National Adoption Day

Thirty three children were adopted last week in Montgomery County on November 14, in commemoration of National Adoption Day, reports The Woodlands Villager.

These children came from foster homes and have been under the supervision of the Texas Children’s Protective Services.

Adoption day is a big day in Montgomery County. The county is a good one for foster kids, leading the state in foster care adoptions.

Foster children are typically orphans or children who have been removed from their abusive or neglectful homes to be placed with a foster family. National Adoption Day gives attention to the children across the United States who live in foster care and are looking for permanent homes.

Montgomery County commemorated the day well, with Santa Claus leading the families into the courthouse as the families appeared before the judge to finalize the adoptions.

What's the difference between being a foster parent and adopting a child? Many of the children adopted last month on National Adoption Day in Montgomery County, if not all, were prior foster children.

First off, foster care is a program set up by the state. Foster parents are paid money by the state to take in a foster child. They are then supervised and monitored by the Texas Children's Protective Services.

Most children in a foster home aren't there permanently and will often go from home to home, waiting to be adopted or until they reach the age of majority. Adoption, on the other hand, is the legal process by which an adult assumes the legal responsibility of being a child's parent.

The adoptive parent steps into the shoes of the birth parent and as a result of the adoption, the birth parents' rights are severed. For orphaned or abandoned children, adoption can come as a huge blessing and game changer.

But many people chose to take on a child as a foster child prior to adoption. And a good foster parent can change a child's life.

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