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Talia Nichelle Lumpkin Charged, Leaves Baby on Road

You've heard of parents who leave their children unattended in parked cars.

But here's a Houston woman who left her thirteen-month old in a parking lot.

Yeah, a parking lot. Not a parked car.

The poor munchkin was found lying on the road with multiple abrasions on her arms, back and legs, reports The Houston Chronicle.

This all went down in July. The tyke was taken to the emergency room and treated for her injuries.

Now, her mom is facing criminal charges.

Talia Nichelle Lumpkin has a lot of explaining to do. The 23 year old has been charged with endangering a child. When she brought her child to the hospital, she told the doctors that her child had fallen off playground equipment.

But doctors are smarter than that. And so are child welfare investigators.

Child abuse isn't just the act of beating a child. Endangering a child is child abuse.

Leaving a child in a parking lot where she gets hit by a car is child abuse. There's no other way of putting it.

Essentially, any act or omission that places a child at an imminent risk of substantial harm is child abuse.

Normally, Child Protective Services takes a child out of harm's way, if they determine that a child is not in good hands. But in cases where the law has been violated, the parent (or abuser) faces criminal charges.

In some cases, such as the recent case of Elizabeth Escalona, abusive parents can spend their whole lives in prison, even if they didn't kill the child. Escalona was sentenced to 99 years in prison for gluing her daughter's hands to the wall.

Lumpkin has been released on bond, but she will still face trial for her neglect.

Her daughter was found by Lumpkin's sister. Lumpkin's sister claims that the child was left alone, wandering in a parking lot.

Like we said earlier, Lumpkin's got a lot of explaining to do.

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